This is Seediffusion!

Welcome to the official website of Seediffusion, the personal brand of blind software and web developer SeedyThreeSixty. This site will serve as the central hub for all Seediffusion products and services.

The name Seediffusion comes from Seedy, of course, and is a nice nod to Rediffusion, a historical radio and TV relay service in the United Kingdom. I, Seedy, love vintage technology, and the Seediffusion name aims to further highlight this fact.

The navigation bar at the top of this page lists everything that is running under the Seediffusion brand so far, including the YouTube channel, the PeerTube channel, and Windows-based software programs written by me. This site is 100% accessible to those who use screen readers. It contains absolutely no ads, tracking cookies, graphics, paywalled content, or anything else that might compromise accessibility and/or privacy. The only thing that might contain ads is the Seediffusion YouTube channel; thanks a lot, Google! The site is natively screen reader accessible, without the use of web accessibility overlay solutions like AccessiBe, AudioEye or UserWay, because overlays are very very very bad!

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In conclusion

With all that said, feel free to browse around the site, and I hope you'll enjoy everything Seediffusion has to Offer! You can keep up-to-date on the latest Seediffusion news by following the Seediffusion Mastodon account, linked in the navigation bar.

Credits and thanks

Seediffusion would most certainly not be a thing without the following people.

Rick Harmon

Rick Harmon used to run the now defunct Blind Geek Zone website. This site hosted podcast episodes and other things related to the navigation and use of technology by the blind. Though he killed the site at the start of 2024, he did, through a kind cash donation, help bring Seediffusion to life. The 2 cancel each other out, right?

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3DCandy, who hosts a variety of free services in order to help people get started with social media, especially in the Fediverse, is powering Seediffusion's email receipt and delivery. all in all, he is a quick-witted British tech nerd with a kind heart and a dry sense of humour.


Seediffusion is neither involved nor affiliated with Rediffusion, ITV, or any partners/subsidiaries thereof. No copyright infringement or other violation is intended. Any assets, such as videos, sounds or images, used in Seediffusion products shall remain the sole property of their respective owners.